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Head of Brand  Brand Strategy  Executive Creative Director  Design Thinking


Brand transformation at scale.

I am an experienced Marketing team leader and agency veteran with a proven track record and methodology for operationalizing brand transformation at scale for companies in transition during growth and M&A.

I have built and run agencies of my own and for others. As a co-founder of a brand strategy firm and an NFC ad-tech company, and through my passion and experience in tech, I am equal parts creative, strategy, and technology on any given day.

The main objective is to connect every brand element and message to the company UVP.

Advancing the business and its products, creating brand platforms composed of competitive positioning, differentiated messaging, and scalable design systems that align the Brand Story with the brand’s unique value at every touch point.

I thrive in cross-functional settings, collaborating closely with the C-suite, senior executives, and departments across the company. I build and inspire high-performing teams and drive agencies. Creating award-winning creative and data-driven customer engagement that builds brand awareness, fuels nurture and increases demand.


Although the tools have changed, the fundamentals have not. Experiences are what create the real connections that lead to brand loyalty.

I’ve had the good fortune – or maybe the fortitude – to lead brand transformation, creating trailblazing brands for B2B and B2C companies at every stage of maturity.


In some cases, it has been brand evolution and, at other times, brand revolution, requiring renaming, repositioning, and an entire brand relaunch. 

I bring a proven methodology for leading brand transformation in all aspects of brand development and demand generation.

  • Collaborate closely with C-suite and senior executives to identify the brand DNA and develop competitive positioning.

  • Craft high-impact messaging and a brand narrative that progresses relevance and differentiation, aligns with and advances the business objectives.

  • Disrupt current markets or activate new categories for brands in transition due to M+A, new competitors, or new offerings. 

  • Create powerful 360-degree brand platforms that connect emotionally with customers through “moments that matter” at every consumer touch point.

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