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thinaire is a transmedia mobile consumer engagement company in NYC. It provides a blended NFC, BLE, SMS, and QR platform that enables two-way interaction between brands and consumers through omnichannel media and their mobile devices.


Thinaire Transmedia Network, Inc


NFC Technology


Type of Work

App Development

Brand Awareness
Brand Launch
Brand Strategy
Category Creation
Competitive Research

Design Thinking



Logo Development

Persona Development
Product Design


I was part of the founding team at an NYC startup building an NFC-based company. The team comprised industry pioneers in advertising, brand strategy, media, mobile, technology, and transaction processing.


I was asked to build a new brand based on business and technology strategies.

The journey was not without its challenges. We faced the monumental task of naming and trademarking the company, defining its positioning, simplifying the technology, creating messaging, and crafting the brand's story. These were not just tasks, but crucial steps that would enable advertisers, brands, and investors to quickly grasp the company's potential.


The result was a world-class brand that provided new revenue opportunities for global brands, advertisers, and media channels. It also changed consumer behavior by enabling unprecedented personalization and engagement through two-way interaction between brands and their audiences, driving mobile commerce, building brand loyalty, and amplifying social evangelism. 

The thinaire Corporate Identity was awarded Gold by Graphis in its International Annual - Best of Design 2013

The thinaire pitch book

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