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Waters is the world's leading specialty measurement company focused on improving human health and well-being by applying high-value analytical technologies and industry-leading scientific expertise.


Waters Corporation


Scientific Equipment


App Development

Brand Essence
Brand Launch

Direct Mail

Landing Page Design

Product Launch

Waters is one of those companies that is not a household name but whose products are at the core of and fuel many industries.


Waters' customers, stakeholders, and influencers all share the need for that crucial reason to believe. They range from C-suite executives seeking validation for their business decisions to scientists and lab managers who must be confident in the science to create results.


The challenge was to capture the company's essence and express its impact throughout the years while delving deep into the technology through six years of key projects and initiatives with the Marketing and Science teams.

Waters' depth and breadth were expressed across a suite of deliverables, ranging from print, video, presentations, and custom applications, that unified the company story in a consistent and compelling manner. 

The Waters capabilities brochure was created to raise brand awareness at the highest level. It uses a timeline element to highlight milestones and Global impact.

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